12-1-2017 – Norco – Meet Michi Walker! She is a Clerk Typist at Norco High School.

Michi grew up in South Los Angeles and Culver City. She attended Venice High School.

“I’ve been at Norco High for 9 years, and currently working in the library,” she said, “I have been with the District for 18 years.”

Her favorite part about working at Norco High is the family feeling.

“At Norco High, we are all family,” she said, “The library is my second home. I want everyone to feel welcomed.”

Michi starts her day by arriving at Norco High bright and early. Every morning, she makes sure everything is ready to go for her students.

“I also help the attendance office daily, and anywhere else I’m needed,” she said, “Multitasking is a must. You must be able to handle any situation that comes your way. There is never a dull moment. It does keep me busy but the day does go by faster.”

Michi has two daughters. Both are Norco High graduates.

“I’ve been so lucky working for CNUSD while my daughters attended the same school district,” she said, “I was able to work for several years at the same schools and watch them grow into responsible adults.”

Her favorite hobbies include going to the gym and gardening.

“I like to garden and I enjoy going to the gym,” she said.

Michi has various pets.

“I live on a mini farm in Norco,” she said, “We have chickens, a lot of waterfowl, dogs, cats, and reptiles.”

Her favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt: A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

“It reminds me how strong we all are,” said Michi.

A few words of encouragement from Michi:

“Try to start each day like it’s going to be the best day ever. Forget about yesterday and focus on today.”

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  • Michi is a second mother to all her students , making sure she has snacks and plenty of water bottles for her growing students. They find comfort in the library,,,,, she also fills the coffee pots all morning long for the near by teachers to come and fill their cups,,, We named it Michis Corner Michi is a great asset to Norco High!! We Love her!!