2-5-2018 – Eastvale, CA – Every year, students from all schools have the opportunity to research important historical events and figures and present their findings at the annual CNUSD History Day. As part of National History Day, students presented their projects to a panel of judges in the form of an oral presentation and projects.

After the presentations, students, family and staff filled the Ramirez Intermediate auditorium for the awards ceremony. Here is a complete list of winners:

Elementary Individual Exhibit:
Emily Shin
Garretson Elementary, Inhumane Conflict
Nicholas Gomez
Temescal Valley Elementary, Universal Declaration of Rights
Vivianna Tang
Temescal Valley Elementary, Deadly Path to Safe Drugs
Elementary Group Exhibit:
Celest Rubi & Jocelyn Zane
John Stallings Elementary, Japanese Internment Camps
Briana Crocker & Maya Lopez
John Stallings Elementary, Anne Frank
Luke Camarillo, Max Ngo & Emily Nguyen
Garretson Elementary, Vietnam War
Junior Group Documentary
James Hammers & Ryan Black
Garretson Elementary, The Korean Conflict: A Haunting Compromise
Sophia Castellanos & Olivia Maki
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary, Women in Workforce in WWII 
Peyton Nichols & Peyton Vansant
El Cerrito Middle School, The Pullman Strike of 1894
Junior Group Exhibit
Justing Felix & Evan Hild
El Cerrito Middle School, Cuban Missile Crises
Taylor Aguinaldo & Sydney Dang
El Cerrito Middle School, Assisted Suicide
Carol Ham & Sophia Pham
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary, Rationing During WWII
Junior Group Performance
Dimple Amitha Garuadapuri, Sabrina Nguyen, Elora Roberts, & Arwen Miranda
Raney Intermediate School, Hidden Figures
Aditi Drobet & Priyal Saretha
Corona Fundamental Intermediate, The Rule of Akbar over In
Isabella Campbell & Mackayla Corning
El Cerrito Middle School, Lincoln Douglas Debates
Junior Group Website
Ansh Minhas, Jonathan Ryan, Christopher Pagotan, Kentstar Harsno, & Anthony Tri Le
Corona Fundamental Intermediate, The Detroit Riot of 1967
Manjari Ford & Mikaile Ford
El Cerrito Middle School, Octavius v. Catto
Jackie Calderon Sanchez, Lyn Huang, Taylor Pope, & Ellie Tong
Garreton Elementary, An Overlook Conflict: The Battle of Songhu
Junior Historical Paper
Aisha Randhawa
Auburndale Intermediate, California’s End of Life Option Act: A 25-year Struggle to Promise
Austin Cortes
Corona Fundamental Intermediate, The Mexican-American War
Hieu Nguyen
Augustine Ramirez Intermediate, Kent State
Junior Individual Documentary
Briana Meza
El Cerrito Middle School, The Watergate Scandal 
Alexa Vargas
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary, Si Se Puede
Ella Rosenthal
Garretson Elementary, Easter Rising 
Junior Individual Exhibit
Joquin Perez
Harada Elementary, The Bracero Program
Ellorie Mariano
Corona Fundamental Intermediate, Harry S. Truman: The Atomic Bomb Decision
Wyatt Johnson
Augustine Ramirez Intermediate, The Bone Wars Fossil Feud 
Junior Individual Performance
Lorelei Tang
El Cerrito Middle School, The Deadly Path to Safe Drugs
Stephanie Kim
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary, A Single Ballerina 
Wendy Hardy
Augustine Ramirez Intermediate, Magna Carta 1213: The Failed Medieval Compromise
Junior Individual Website
Ben Wang
El Cerrito Middle School, Mono Lake
Chiana Levato
Augustine Ramirez Intermediate, The Gwangju Uprising 
Sarah Stutsman
Auburndale Intermediate, ZZYZX Conflict and Compromise at the end of the Alphabet 
Senior Group Documentary
Vivian Kong & Payne Fraser
Centennial High School, Navaho
Evana Salem, Daniela Saravia, Emely Ruiz, & Katherine Noh
Centennial High School, Bay of Pigs
Senior Group Exhibit
Kalina Todoroz, Samantha Lemus, & Chloe Wagner
Corona High School, African-American Life After Slavery 
Olivia Heredia, Jameleth Montoya, & Saige Black
Corona High School, Illegal Poaching of Tigers
Senior Group Website
Molly Delaney, Andrew Casilang, Rene Kim, & Alyssa Kordvani
Centennial High School, Shapour Bahktiar
Amber Afzali, George Adamae, Kaylen Wenzel, & Ryan Nguyen
Centennial High School, Scramble for Africa
Jose Munoz & Eunice Ugarte
Corona High School, Title B
Senior Historical Paper
Shravan Shenoy
Centennial High School, First Opium War
Chenfeng Lin
Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Korean War: Conflict and Compromise on the 38th Parallel
Maria Pena
Corona High School, Jackie Robinson
Senior Individual Documentary
Evan Harr
Corona High School, The OJ Simpson Trial 
Senior Individual Exhibit
Huma Khan
Centennial High School, John Muir
Amber Garcia
Corona High School, East Los Angeles Walkout of 1968
Alyssa Corey
Corona High School, Cuban Revolution 
Senior Individual Website
Sarah Toress
Centennial High School, Pre-war conflicts and Munich Agreement
Jose Barba
Corona High School, The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders
Check out a few photos below!

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