1-29-2018 – Corona – The Eastvale STEM Academy of Eleanor Roosevelt High School hosted the first Eastvale Science & Engineering Fair Expo which included student research projects from all three secondary schools in Eastvale.

As part of project-based learning, students began with identifying real-world problems and issues in STEM fields during first semester and ended with research resulting in data and findings. The expo allowed students to share their work publicly with the community.

Eastvale STEM Academy staff and students had various STEM activities for children, students, and families. Attendees had the opportunity to make lava lamp and slime at the ‘Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Chemistry Fun’ table. At the medical science tables, guests were able to look through microscopes to see various specimens. Guests also had the opportunity to put back the organs in the correct place inside a mannequin.

Trained STEM Health Occupations Student Associations (HSOA) students taught guests how to appropriately administer CPR. Math teachers made math fun by having guests solve tangram puzzles. In the technology and engineering corners, guests were able to create a mechanical hand out of construction papers, straws, tapes, and strings. STEM robotics students helped guide attendees on how to control the robots.

At the ‘E-STEM Genius Bar’ guests played with apps that computer science students had created and were able to provide feedback. Nearly 200 student research projects were on display.

“The Eastvale STEM Academy staff and students would like to extend their gratitude to the City of Eastvale and the community for attending and supporting our schools and students,” said Kim Lawe, Eastvale STEM Academy Director, “Many thanks to the ongoing support from the Corona-Norco Unified School District. Our students, our future, our community!”

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