1-25-2018 – Corona – Yes! You heard it right. Normally AP Spanish is offered at the high school level only, but Home Gardens Academy is the first middle school in the Corona-Norco Unified School District to offer AP Spanish.

This will afford students the opportunity to increase high school course schedule space in order to complete other AP courses while in High School, pursue other languages, and/or participate in sports, among other benefits. More importantly, successful completion of the Advanced Placement Exam at the end of the course could potentially secure students college credits! All while still in middle school! Colleges and Universities have identified participation in AP courses is the number one indicators of college enrollment and successful completion of college.

Spanish AP is taught using a communicative approach in which students are encouraged to interact with one another in Spanish.  Audio and video recordings are used to help students become accustomed to listening to native speakers. Games, projects and oral presentations add to the acquisition of vocabulary and structure, and the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Students will express themselves in Spanish and strive to utilize only the target language in the classroom. Through readings and videos, they will learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world, and what young people are like in other parts of the world. Emphasis will also be placed on grammar, verb tenses, conversation, vocabulary, and the correct usage of the language. Along with the items listed above, an in depth study of The AP Spanish Language and Culture course themes:  Beauty and Aesthetics, Contemporary Life, Families and Communities, Global Challenges, Personal and Public Identities, Science and Technology will be covered during the year.

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