6-8-2017 – Norco – Congratulations to our April 2017 District Office Outstanding Employees! 

Vivian Rodriguez works out of the Purchasing Department and wears many hats; she is a buyer for the district. Vivian purchases all the textbooks, along with materials. Vivian is a go-to person; when staff has questions or needs, she goes out of her way to help. When something is asked of her, she is quick to respond and get the job accomplished especially when it has to do with our student’s needs. We appreciate you Vivian! Thank you for all that you do! 

Katie Miranda takes care of the Home/Hospital program. She receives and processes all the requests for the Home & Hospital program, prepares materials for teachers assigned to students, maintains log of the hours, mileage, etc. Katie has the great responsibility of seeing that students are receiving the education and services they need while they are on Home/Hospital, so they are on target and prepared when they rejoin a classroom setting. She does all of this professionally and confidently, and with a smile. Katie is very patient and has a great sense of humor! We appreciate you Katie! Thank you for all that you do! 

Heidi Weber is extremely knowledgeable and provides great customer service, always with a smile. Heidi works a very busy contracts desk and handles it with great grace and professionalism. She is very efficient and has been a great resource in streamlining processes to assist sites and departments. Heidi’s wiliness to go over and beyond makes her an Outstanding Employee. We appreciate you Heidi! Thank you for all that you do! 


Heidi Weber
Vivian Rodriguez
Katie Miranda

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