1-25-2018 – Corona – Meet Andrew Edwards! He is a Social Studies teacher at Orange Grove High School!

“This is my fifth year in the District,” he said.

Andrew grew up in Lima, Ohio. He attended Lima Senior High School.

“I went to undergrad at Ohio State, not a fan of their football team though,” he said, “And to USC for my graduate degree.”

This is his second career. Andrew spent 8 years in the autism field doing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

“I would not trade that experience for any as it prepared me to be a better teacher,” he said, “Understanding how behavior works helps me to not only change my students’ behavior (academic and social) for the better but helps me take a more objective approach. It also gives me a greater appreciation for all the hard work that our special education teachers and teaching aides do!”

His favorite part about working at CNUSD is the emphasis placed on professional growth for the staff and positive behavioral approaches for students.

“I am a big fan of the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) movement happening in education right now,” said Andrew, “Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for public education in a time where charter and private schools are gaining traction, so being able to be a part of a progressive, successful district is fulfilling.”

His favorite experience is when his students re-discover their interest in learning.

“It is a recurring experience.  Orange Grove students tend to have a negative history and the association with the institution of education,” said Andrew, “My favorite experience is when they re-discover their interest in learning despite that history; it reaffirms my belief that everyone is resilient.”

A typical day for Andrew involves lesson planning in the morning, teaching four different preps during the day, and having lunch in his classroom with students. He ends his days with more lesson planning after school.

“PBIS meetings are thrown in here and there,” he said.

Andrew helps his students realize their potential.

“My impact on the District is building up the students who have been determined (by themselves or CNUSD) to be ‘unfit’ for the comprehensive school sites. As our Principal, Kenny Torres, puts it: we save lives,” said Andrew, “The kids are not ‘bad’ and teachers at Orange Grove are not miserable. The stereotype that it takes lots of patience, however, is pretty much true.”

His favorite hobby is playing board games with friends and watching NFL football.

Andrew has a 5-month old daughter.

His favorite quote is from Malcolm X: If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

“This quote is my favorite because it speaks to my belief that principles matter,” said Andrew, “Wherever one stands on an issue, it is my belief that person ought to understand the issue completely and ensure their stance is an informed, educated one. But most importantly: put yourself out there and stand by your convictions.”

A few words of encouragement from Andrew:

“I would encourage everyone to take a step back and realize that when someone is acting in a way that bothers/angers/annoys you, that nine times out of ten it is not a personal issue. There is probably something going on in their lives.”

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