10-10-2017 – Corona – Corona High School was featured by Intelitek! Check out the story below!

Corona STEM Academy was started in 2014 with seed money from a California i3 Grant to help schools start a 4 year Project Lead the Way strand and then test the students over their four-year journey to see how they accepted the curriculum and to verify whether or not this style of STEM education provided better results upon graduation than their fellow students who were unable to take any PLTW courses. Students in the 4 year PLTW curriculum used for the Engineering and STEM Academy start in the first year with ID (Introduction to Design). In the second year they take POE (Principles of Engineering) and then in the third and fourth year students study Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Design and Development, which is heavily Intelitek based.

With PLTW allowing flexibility in their curriculum, Eric Lee, the program lead proposed that the district take their curriculum and CIM lab to the next level and purchase a full CIM/FMS system from Intelitek that would allow the students to take what they had learned from the traditional curriculum and test their learning in a more real-world application of automation.

Corona High School expanded the program with an impressive manufacturing cell, purchasing a ER9 robotic arm, a laser engraver, a ProMill 8000 CNC turning machine, as well as a linear slide base, palletizing system, pneumatic vise, and quality control camera.

Now students can fully build, experiment and program a completely automated manufacturing cell. “What I really like about this system is its flexibility; each machine can be used individually and the entire system is adaptable,“ said Eric Lee, PLTW and Engineering Program Lead. “Students can program the robotic arm to pick up a part out of an automated parts feeder, drop it into a laser engraver, engrave it, retrieve it, place it in the ProMill 8000, machine it, retrieve it, place it under the document camera, check it for quality and then place it on a pallet if the part is acceptable, or place it in a trash bin if it doesn’t pass QC. These are real-world operations of a pick and place robot used in industry.”

The unique component of the Corona Engineering program is the added hardware and software simulation from Intelitek. Kris Johnson, a Math and Engineering teacher who teaches
the Principles of Engineering part of the program added with enthusiasm, “It’s definitely the hands on stuff that gets them really engaged in the curriculum.” Eric Lee added, “I think students really like the culmination of theory with hands-on. Students start with theory, to get the idea behind the engineering and manufacturing, and the entire design process, and then they’re able to translate that into the real world by actually getting to build products. They get to program robots and operate the Intelitek equipment.”

Before Corona ever got the equipment, Intelitek was integral in helping design the system through conference calls and with a local distributor. Once the equipment was delivered, an Intelitek technician helped build and set up the equipment and then spent 5 more days to make sure that the equipment was operating correctly and that the teachers were trained to independently operate and teach the classes.

PLTW Engineering is more than just another high school engineering program. It is about applying engineering, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems
in a real-world context. Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not on getting the “right” answer.

Eric Lee is the lead teacher for the four year Project Lead the Way Engineering Pathway exclusive to Corona High School. His background is in manufacturing and plastics so Eric was excited to be able to bring on the Computer Integrated Manufacturing class into the fold. Eric has been at Corona High School for 26 years and as a local resident, takes pride in CHS and his community!

“It has been exciting watching the instructors and students grow and evolve in this program. With support from the School Board and the Superintendent, the staff has been able to wisely invest state grant money to develop one of the top, if not the top, PLTW engineering & manufacturing labs in California. I am very proud of the Corona HS program as it provides students a rigorous and relevant education that prepares them to be college and career ready.”
Gina Boster, Ed.D.
Director, Career Technical Education, Educational Services,
Corona-Norco Unified School District

“From the first day of class they are learning how to apply engineering concepts; it’s not just reading from a book and taking a test. Students are provided with design challenges that let’s them go through a similar learning process (with both successes and setbacks) as engineers in the field; they get to use the same machinery that is utilized by industry. There really is no better
way to prepare them for their future than this type of hands-on learning.”
Dr. Antonio Gonzalez, Principal,
Corona High School

CNUSD Public Relations

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