Article by: Bryce Seiver – Junior Golf and Communications Administrator, Southern California PGA

8-1-2017 – Corona – The Southern California Professional Golfers Association Foundation donated twelve sets of brand new Wilson Golf Clubs to the girls golf team at Corona High!

The ClubsForeYouth program’s mission is to provide high school aged females throughout Southern California with the necessary golf equipment to compete and experience the game of golf.

Corona High student golfer, Rosalise said, “It makes me feel like the hard work has finally paid off, the girls on the team would usually use mens clubs, and for us to get our own sets really means a lot.”

Aligning with this idea, the SCPGA Foundation has determined 44% of girls borrow or share equipment for high school girls golf team matches.

Fellow student, Savannah said, “I would normally use a set that is pieced together, so it’s really cool to have my own set now!”

Rosalise also said that, “Corona High spends a lot of time fundraising for the athletic department, and to receive these clubs means a lot to us because we understand what a special opportunity this is.”

Corona High School Principal, Dr. Antonio Gonzalez said, “It’s an amazing opportunity for our students, and I know the girls are very excited about this program. I can’t express my gratitude and appreciation enough.” Dr. Gonzalez realizes this program is exposing players to a positive life influence and said, “A lot of our students don’t grow up playing golf, and for our head coach Chris Salgado, who is a graduate of Corona High to find this opportunity for our students is exceptional! Golf is a sport that they wouldn’t have easy access too and it’s great that the SCPGA Foundation is able to provide them this opportunity!”

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