The Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) identified three major issues for consideration on a proposed November bond measure and is now seeking feedback from the local community.

CNUSD is interested in 1) providing funding for instructional technology improvements such as infrastructure and student/teacher devices, 2) providing funding for continuing facility improvement projects at older elementary schools and all intermediate schools throughout the district, and 3) establishing a technology fund to support annual upgrades, new purchases and maintenance.

“Funding for these technology improvements at schools district-wide would ensure instructional equity for all students,” said Ted Rozzi, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities.

True North Research, Inc. has been hired to reach out to residents within the district – including the unincorporated areas – to determine the level of community support these issues may receive in November.

CNUSD hopes to gauge public opinion about a variety of topics, including the district’s academic performance and facility needs, the necessity of new technology, the levels of annual taxation a voter might support, and the importance of other issues facing the community. Those conducting the surveys will also note how individuals prioritize the need for a school facilities bond, and gather general demographic data.

Results are expected in early April. Once polling results are reviewed and any additional community outreach is complete, the CNUSD Board of Education would need to call a bond election for the November ballot no later than July, explained Rozzi.

Any questions about the proposed bond or the community outreach should be directed to the Facilities office, led by Assistant Superintendent Ted Rozzi:  (951) 736-5045 /

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  • I’m a resident of Eastvale and i disagree with this bond measure. Eastvale residents pay more in taxes than anyone in the district, so i would like to request that Eastvale vote separately. The last thing i need is to pay more in taxes !!! This bond would’nt be beneficial to Eastvale.

  • Thank you for your input, Mr. Flores. The District appreciates your feedback. Your request has been passed along to our Facilities department to be taken into consideration.