Eleanor Roosevelt High School junior Marie Rosario was recently chosen as an All-American Scholar by the United States Achievement Academy. Marie was the 2011 CNUSD Science Fair winner, and was nominated for the All-American honor by her honors chemistry teacher Patricia Bickel.

Read the entire Press-Enterprise article about Marie here:  http://www.pe.com/local-news/riverside-county/corona/corona-headlines-index/20120817-eastvale-student-chosen-as-an-all-american-scholar.ece


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  • Keep it up. Its like testing you ability to dream your wishes and make it come true. We are very proud of you. YOu have come a long way. You make your family proud and make your parents even achieve for more. God bless you and stay humble always.

  • marie has been achieving for academic excellence even in UC, San Diego. She is a born leader, she is majoring inComputer Science, Mathematics

  • She is graduating from college this 2018, from Computer Human Cognitive Relations major. She is a graphic artist designer.