11-17-17 – Corona – Meet Anna Robinson! She teaches Economics and Unity at Lee V. Pollard High School (LVPHS). This is her third year at LVPHS and her fifth year with CNUSD.

Anna grew up in Michigan and earned her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. She also earned a Master’s degree from California State University, San Bernardino.

One of her favorite parts about working at CNUSD is the supportive staff.

“My administrators have all been extremely supportive,” she said, “They enable and empower teachers to make a difference in the lives of their students.”

A typical day for Anna is divided between teaching Economics and Unity.

“Since Unity hosts lunchtime activities, What If Week, and forums, we are always prepping for our next event,” she said.

Her most memorable experiences during her time at CNUSD have been the Unity activities.

“I have been the Unity Adviser on our campus the past three years and there have been so many wonderful memories,” said Anna,” We have hosted so many fun lunchtime activities to bring joy and a sense of community to our campus.”

Anna encourages teachers and administrators to talk to students and get to know their stories.

“Talk to students and hear their stories,” said Anna, “So many students have had to face intense obstacles in life already. If they are struggling in school, there is usually a reason. It only takes one caring adult to save a student, be that adult!”

Anna has one son, Julien, and three stepchildren, Laura, Greg, and Hannah.

“I love spending time at Newport Beach with my family,” she said, “I also love to go skiing at Mammoth Mountain.”

Another favorite hobby is traveling.

“I love traveling and exploring the world,” said Anna, “We are going to Iceland for Thanksgiving and I’m really looking forward to our adventures.”

Her favorite quote is the Lee V. Pollard Unity mantra: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

“We are the change makers and it makes me so proud to see my students take on the leadership role on campus and make a positive difference,” she said.

At the end of the day, Anna leaves work grateful for being able to make a difference in the lives of her students.

“I find my work incredibly fulfilling and I love being a part of our Lion pride,” she said, “Lee V. Pollard is an incredible school.”

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  • Anna is a fantastic teacher and human! She’s amazingly supportive and makes Pollard the most positive school in CNUSD. I am blessed to work with her here at Pollard!

  • Anna has only been at Pollard for 3 years and it is amazing how her presence has taken us to a whole new level with the school culture. Our students are so incredibly involved, cohesive, supportive of one another, happy and don’t feel isolated anymore. Just say, “UNITY.”….and everyone points to Anna!