3-17-2017 – Corona – Meet Christopher Colburn from Todd Academy! He is a Physical Education (PE) teacher. Mr. Colburn has been teaching for 11 years. This is his first year at Todd Academy where he teaches 7th grade PE.

He taught PE at Corona High for 7 years and at Ramirez Intermediate for three.

Mr. Colburn attended California State University, Long Beach and earned his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. He earned his Teaching Credential in Physical Education and Master’s Degree in Education from La Sierra University in Riverside, California.

“My favorite part of being a physical education teacher is seeing the students improve their fitness, health, character, and/or physical abilities in sports,” he says, “I can truly say that I love my job!”

A passion for serving others lead him to pursue a teaching career.

“As a kid, my family helped in many different ministries in the church, especially with the youth,” he says, “I became a teacher because I believe that it is my calling to serve the youth.”

He says if he can make an impact on their lives in a positive way, then he has fulfilled one of his callings in this world.

His favorite class when he was a student was PE. He has always enjoyed playing sports and being outdoors.

“I became a physical education teacher because this profession is the perfect blend of my passions for sports and for serving youth,” he says.

Mr. Colburn has a passion for what he does and he enjoys watching his students have fun and learn at the same time.

“I love looking at the glow on the student’s faces when they become successful at specific sports skills or have surpassed their fitness goals,” he says, “Teaching is such a rewarding job!”

Physical Education teachers get the unique opportunity to teach students how to have physical, mental, social, and emotional wellness for the rest of their lives.

“It gives me great joy and satisfaction knowing that I can make a positive impact in their lives by teaching them lessons they will take with them through adulthood,” he says.

Mr. Colburn’s teaching philosophy is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the students to learn while focusing on movement skills, movement knowledge, self-image and social development. He tries to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their motor and social skills through fun, new, and exciting games and physical activities.

“It is my hope that my students will participate in at least one sport recreationally as an adult,” he says, “And understand that physical activity and creating their own fitness regimen is key to a healthy life.”

A typical day for Mr. Colburn involves teaching two to three classes of 7th grade PE and one class of Body Conditioning. At the beginning of each class, students bring their yoga mats into the PE room and perform their warm-ups that include jump roping, dynamic stretching, jumping jacks, or a fun instant activity. If students are not performing dynamic stretching, they perform static stretches after their warm-up.

Students also complete different types of abdominal exercises, and push-ups to strengthen their core and upper body. Following the abdominal exercises, students perform the trunk lift and shoulder stretch.

“After the daily routine is complete, the lesson for the day will take place,” he says, “I will review the vocabulary word of the week and review the bone and muscle of the day.”

Following the lesson, a review about the skills learned in the sports unit takes place. Mr. Colburn then introduces a new skill(s) to the students.

“Students watch a short video demonstrating the proper way to perform the skill,” he says, “Or I will show the students how to perform the skill.”

Mr. Colburn walks the students through the skill step-by-step and the students mirror each step as he performs it.

“Next, I will have the students perform the skill through guided practice as I am providing them cues and telling them what to do step-by-step,” he says, “During this process, I am circulating the room and providing feedback to the students.”

After, the class goes over to the field space and performs the skills through independent practice with a verity of skills progressions to help them be successful when they play games at the end of sports unit. The students play a modified game utilizing the new skills learned following independent practice.

“At the end of the period, the students gather and we review the skills learned,” he says.

His goals for this year include continuing to develop a successful PE program for the new 7th graders at Todd Academy. To teach students fun and exciting physical activities they can participate in for the rest of their lives.

“Having started the PE program at this school, I want to offer the best program possible, to help teach the students skills to help them be fit and healthy for the rest of their lives,” he says.

He wants the students to enjoy being physically active and feels if he offers a wide variety of fun and exciting activities, students will be able to choose at least one of those activities to get involved in as an adult.

A couple of his favorite quotes are:

  1. “Joy cannot be pursued, it comes from within, it does not depend on circumstances but triumphs over circumstances. It produces a gentleness of spirit and magnetic personality,” by Billy Graham.
  2. The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives,” by Russell M. Nelson

“These are a couple of my favorite quotes because this life here on Earth can be very difficult to say the least,” he says, “I try to find joy in any circumstance because it helps me to find peace and have a healthier, meaningful, and more fulfilling life.

When he is not teaching, Mr. Colburn enjoys slow pitch softball, surfing, snowboarding, and fishing. He loves to spend time with his family.

“I have a wife and a 5-year old son that I adore,” he says, “We love doing things as a family.”

Here are a few inspirational words from Mr. Colburn:

“Despite all of the trials and tribulations of this life, it is always important to look for the positive around you and in others, treat others with kindness and respect, be willing to help others and share acts of kindness, and always try to experience joy in everything. There is always a lesson from any given situation.

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  • I am blessed to be a colleague of his and appreciate his kid-centered heart, commitment to his teaching craft, and his positive attitude toward everything.