12-15-2017 – Norco – Meet Elaine Foytik! She is the Health Clerk at Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School!

Elaine grew up in Oregon.

“I grew up in a small town of 5,000 people called Silverton in Oregon,” she said, “It was the kind of town where you greeted everyone you walked past.”

The town was so small Elaine and her family walked everywhere.

“We walked everywhere, especially to A&W for floats and burgers. Yes, they wore skates,” she said, “We really enjoyed catching crawdads and wading in the creek that ran through town on hot summer days.”

During summer, Elaine participated in a basketball camp and worked in the fields picking strawberries, marionberries, or raspberries.

“In the winter, we enjoyed snow days, which meant no school and playing in the snow all day,” she said.

In high school, Elaine played basketball, volleyball and participated in track.

“Women’s basketball was very popular because we worked hard all year and were very good,” she said, “My senior year, we won the state championship.”

Basketball brought Elaine to Southern California. She played for Southern California College in Costa Mesa – now called Vanguard University.

“It was a challenging and rewarding time in my life,” said Elaine, “We had losing records, but I played along hard-working, committed ladies, and a talented coach that preserved to the national tournament for the first time in school history.”

Her favorite part of working at CNUSD is helping students.

“The best part is getting to help the kids and finding out what is going on in their lives,” said Elaine, “We have lots of laughs.”

A typical day usually begins with students in the health office.

“I just start asking what the problem is and discuss what the options are for getting better and getting back to class,” she said.

Elaine has ‘lunch crews’ who visit her during their lunch time.

“These are kids who debrief their day with me and talk about home issues,” she said, “Kids with scrapes and head bumps come in during lunch because of playing basketball and soccer during lunch.”

Elaine learns something new from students every day.

“One-eighth grader comes in and teaches me something new every day,” she said, “He is highly intelligent and has fascinating facts in his head. I always appreciate him sharing.”

Elaine strives to make students smile.

“I am reminded every day that it takes a village to raise a child,” she said, “I hope my time with these students encourages them and lets them know adults care about them. They are not alone in their struggles and I hope I make them smile.”

Some students have called Elaine the School Mom.

“Sometimes I give TLC. Sometimes I am firm. Sometimes I am patient,” she said, “Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I just listen. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry with them.”

The remainder of her day is filled with auditing health files, inputting office visits and maintaining paperwork for medications, immunizations, and other health-related information.

“My office is never dull,” said Elaine, “If it is, I am happy to get paperwork done.”

Her favorite hobby is hiking.

“I really enjoy hiking, I can’t hike enough,” she said, “My family hiked 10-miles to the Bridge to Nowhere this summer. We have also traveled to Utah to hike the Narrows.”

Elaine has two children, Zach (15) and Rachel (13). The family pet is a 15-year old Chihuahua named Shadow.

“She is my third child,” said Elaine.

Working as at Augustine Ramirez Intermediate as a Health Clerk has inspired Elaine to continue her education to become a middle school counselor.

“I am attending CSU San Bernardino to get my PPS,” she said, “I will graduate in 2019.”

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