12-8-2017- Norco – Meet Kristin Luro! She is a 2nd grade teacher at Highland Elementary School!

Kristin was born and raised in Corona. She graduated from Corona High School.

“I later went to RCC for two years and then transferred and graduated from Cal State University San Bernardino with my Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential,” she said, “I continued my education and earned my Master’s degree from Walden University in Reading and Literacy.”

Her parents and grandparents always encouraged her to be the best she could be.

“They supported me through my Bachelor’s program, encouraged me not to give up and supported my choice in becoming a teacher,” she said, “My dad still says ‘You should become a Principal someday’ and I always tell him that is not the career for me. I am not ready to leave the classroom.”

Kristin has been with CNUSD for 15 years.

“I’ve taught elementary for all 15 years at Highland Elementary School,” she said, “I have credentialed experience in first and second grades with 14 years teaching second grade and one year in first grade.”

Before earning her credential, Kristin was a substitute teacher.

Her favorite part about working at CNUSD is the family feeling.

“I love the family/community feel,” she said, “Every day when I arrive at school, it’s like my second home. We love our students and families. Teachers and classified staff all strive to help kids become the best learners and people they can be.”

Kristin collaborates with her colleagues to build a better future for her students.

“Kids are our future. I hope each day I can encourage a student or teacher to be the best they can be,” she said, “I think it’s important to help others too. Teaching our kids to help others and to work as a team is so important in the world we live in.”

Kristin loves being a teacher.

“Education is the most challenging yet the most rewarding career you could ever choose. You have the chance to educate and help children succeed in life,” she said, “Elementary education takes extra love and kindness. Kids love to learn if they have a teacher who encourages them and makes learning exciting.”

One of her most memorable experiences is camping at school with her 2nd grade students. There are tents, flashlights, making s’mores, reading camping books in the tents, writing, and math & science lessons geared around outdoor life and camping.

“Another memorable experience was keeping a surprise for 3 days that my partner teacher received the Riverside County Teacher of the Year Award,” she said.

Kristin enjoys Highland’s Annual Relay for Life.

“I enjoy helping our school raise money to fight cancer which hits home for so many of our Highland staff and families along with community members,” she said, “I am not in charge of this event, but enjoy participating every year.”

Every year, Kristin also fundraises money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. November is Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Month.

“As a Type 1 Diabetic myself, I fundraise every year to raise money to find a cure, not for myself, but for all the kids who have a lifelong battle against this condition,” said Kristin.

After work, she picks up her son and they head to swim school.

“Logan goes to swim school and he loves it,” said Kristin, “My husband, Mark and I love to watch him grow and learn new things. Logan is a happy, active boy who loves life. He likes to make everyone smile around him.”

Kristin has two stepdaughters – Kaitlyn, 22, and Sheradyn, 20.

“Both are in college attending MSU and CSU San Marcos,” she said, “Family is important to me.”

Kristin has a sister, with Special Needs, who attended CNUSD.

“I have an extra place in my heart for students who have special needs or students who have siblings with special needs,” she said, “It takes a village and a lot of strength to raise/teach these special kiddos.”

Her favorite hobby is making crafts and traveling.

“I enjoy making crafts,” she said, “I also love traveling with my family, experiencing new places in our world, and most importantly being with friends and family.”

Kristin recently visited North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

“I loved learning about our nation’s history and the progress we’ve made as a country,” she said, “We just got a travel trailer and we are excited to start our camping adventures too.”

Another favorite hobby includes researching new teacher ideas on the Internet.

“I love finding new ideas to use in the classroom,” said Kristin.

Kristin hopes to inspire her students to be the best they can be and to work hard to succeed in school.

“Give your best effort every day,” she said, “Stop and remember to have fun because life is too short.”

Her three favorite quotes are:

“They succeed because someone told them they can.”

“Mistakes are proof you are trying.”

“All students can learn and succeed but not on the same day in the same way.”

A few words of encouragement from Kristin:

“Never give up. It takes hard work to get what you want in life, and when you overcome the challenges you will face in life … celebrate!”

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