8-31-2017 – Eastvale – Meet Matthew Trevino! He works as an Instructional Aide at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS).

Matt grew up in Riverside County.

“I’m a local boy,” he said, “I went to grade school in Norco, then attended Norco High School and graduated in 2012.”

Matt started working at CNUSD as a Substitute Paraeducator. After nearly a year of subbing, Matt joined the Mustang team as a classroom aide assisting Mrs. Deanna Yakubovsky.

“Currently, I am in my fourth year at ERHS and I couldn’t be happier to work with the people that I do,” he said.

When Matt began his journey at ERHS, he knew he would not be satisfied with being an average worker. He wanted to be more than that.

“Though the title of classroom aide might give the impression you are just someone who works in the background of the classroom or you are just a secretary to the main teacher,” said Matt,” The magnitude of this position is as big as you make it.”

Matt always goes the extra mile to help students and staff. As an Instructional Aide, Matt helps Mrs. Yakubovsky, who teaches Math Integrated 1.

“As a result, I now help Deanna Yakubovsky  in the classroom, I help train new aides on campus, I help the boys soccer program, and I am viewed on campus as much more than just an aide,” said Matt.

His favorite part about working at CNUSD is the friendly environment.

“Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and positive,” he said, “From all the different schools I’ve subbed at, to my current school site. I have always had a positive environment to work in.”

Matt begins his day by checking and replying to his long list of emails. He then meets with students to touch-base.

“I have prep in the morning which means I check in with students, which consists of either going over their grades, discussing their progress, or assisting them with any questions or concerns,” he said.

He wraps up prep period with grading papers or making any last minute copies before class begins.

“Sometimes we do small group activities where we both take small groups and then rotate,” said Matt, “Other times, she’ll teach and I’ll assist her. We have developed a great partnership over the years together.”

Once classes are over, Mrs. Yakubovsky and Matt regroup, get everything back in its place, and sit together to plan for the following day.

His most memorable work experience took place during the 2016 – 2017 school year. A freshman in one of his classes, who was also the goalkeeper for the ERHS Junior Varsity soccer team, struck an unforgettable impression with Matt.

“As the year went on, he really impressed me in the classroom,” said Matt.

When soccer season began, Matt attended the games to show his support for the handful of athletes in his classes. He was again amazed at the skills the Junior Varsity soccer player displayed.

“I always told him how proud I was of him and to continue his great work on the pitch and in the classroom,” said Matt, “In April, I saw an advertisement that professional goalkeeper Brian Rowe, from the Los Angeles Galaxy, was going to be signing autographs at a soccer store in Corona the upcoming weekend.”

The ad noted the first five individuals in line would receive a pair of signed keeper gloves.

“When I saw this, I immediately thought of my student because he’s a goalkeeper too,” said Matt, “As a soccer fan, I thought he would like a professional’s autograph.”

Matt was the fifth and final person in line that Saturday morning. He spent five hours in line and was able to receive a pair of autographed gloves. Matt framed the gloves and presented them to his student in front of the classroom.

“He began to cry and gave me a big hug,” he said, “I didn’t expect such an emotional reaction. That was when I realized what I had done was a lot bigger than I had expected.”

Matt loves his job.

“Education actually found me,” said Matt, “I was in need of a job and I heard the school district was hiring substitutes for people who work with special education students. I got hired and began working not what I was getting myself into.”

Matt found his calling after a few months on the job.

“I began to see how much these students seek proper guidance and the great importance a teacher can have on shaping the future of society,” said Matt, “That inspired me to enroll in college to pursue a degree and a teaching credential.”

His goal is to be the best model he possibly can and help students become the best they can possibly be.

A few words of encouragement from Matt:

“Never allow yourself to get complacent and just go through the motions. Even though it might make you feel uneasy to get out of your comfort zone, you should always push yourself to be better than you were last year, last week, or even yesterday. Even when you do something good and people compliment and praise you for your work, rather than coast off your success, you should use that as fuel to want to improve and become even better than that. I live by that motto. I examine my own performances every day and I try to figure out as many ways as I can to improve for the next day.”

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