1-19-2018 – Corona – Meet Mayra Pinedo! She is a Community Assistant at the CNUSD Parent Center.

Mayra grew up in El Monte.

“I did all of my schooling there,” she said. “I graduated from El Monte High School in 2002. I loved school and my main goal was to make my parents proud.”

Mayra began working at CNUSD in 2007. She has been a Community Assistant for almost a year.

“First working at Eastvale Elementary as an afternoon attendance clerk for one year,” said Mayra, “and then at Norco High School for nine years as the school receptionist and the Career Technician.”

Her favorite part about working at the Parent Center is getting to work with amazing colleagues.

“We are a small staff so we are more like a family,” she said. “We all have different gifts and talents. Together, we are unstoppable!”

Her most memorable experience is running into former students.

“The absolutely best feeling in the world is when I run into former students and they thank me for saying something or helping them with something that inspired them to do more in their lives,” she said. “These moments touch my heart and remind me to keep going.”

There is no typical day as a Community Assistant. Mayra is always busy.

“Every day is unique as I’m working on something different all of the time,” she said. “Depending on the day’s activities, I find myself assisting my coworkers on the day’s events.”

Mayra also works closely with parents who visit the Parent Center.

“I spend my time helping parents with information and resources they need to take care of their situation at hand,” said Mayra. “For the most part, I find myself doing a lot of planning, prepping, and research for future projects.

Every day, Mayra leaves work knowing she did her best in helping others.

“Every day is a new opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life,” she said. “I am so fortunate to work with a group of people at the Parent Center who, as a team, we hope to affect as many parents and students in our school district and surrounding communities as much as possible with our district-wide programs and activities.”

As a Community Assistant, Mayra helps plan community events at the Parent Center.

“My position allows me to wear different hats in different ways but for the most part, I help parents and families by providing them the resources they need to become a stronger family,” she said. “We, as in the school district, strongly believe when families are strong, children benefit academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Her favorite hobby is writing.

“I love to write on my blog,” she said. “It’s mostly about me trying to find my way and the things I learn through self-discovery.’

She also loves to travel.

“My only regret is not starting when I was much younger,” said Mayra.

Mayra is an awesome aunt to three nephews and two nieces. She has an 11-year old toy poodle named Snoopy.

Her favorite inspirational quote is things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

“One of my best friends told me that during a dark time in my life and I have never forgotten it,” said Mayra. “What a difference it makes when you look at things in a more positive way!”

Mayra encourages everyone to visit the Parent Center!

“I strongly believe that as a District, we are very fortunate to have the resources that we have in place,” she said. “Please visit the Parent Center and find out what we do. You are our eyes and ears out there. Stay informed!”

A few words of encouragement from Mayra:

“I want others to remember people who walk into your life are either a blessing or a lesson. No matter what happens, you will either learn, grow, or become more grateful. When you think this way, you will never lose.”

For more information about the Parent Center, please click HERE.

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