3-3-2017 – Corona – Meet Frank Felipe! He is a counselor at Corona Fundamental Intermediate School (CFIS). Mr. Felipe has worked as a counselor for eight years. Four of those years at CFIS.
A passion for Psychology lead him to major in the subject and pursue a career as a counselor.

“When I got near graduation, I wanted to become a Psychologist and I knew it was going to be a huge challenge,” he says.

He found a program for School Counseling and once he started taking classes and job shadowing on school campuses, he knew he had found his calling.

“I loved working with the kids and learning about higher education so much,” he says, “I empowered myself to learn more and share everything I knew.”

He says he learned a lot about himself during his higher education career and he wanted to share his experiences with students.

“I wanted to make sure they had all the opportunities I had missed,” he says.

Mr. Felipe attended Norco College and transferred to California State University, San Bernardino for his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He earned a Masters of Science in Education with a Specialization in School Counseling and PPS Credential from California Baptist University.

“Since then I have received credentials through UCR extension, which is online,” he says.

He says the best part about his job is knowing he can bring understanding to a child and/or to a parent’s life that will last as long as they live.

“I love being able to help bring positive change and make a difference on my campus and in my community,” he says.

His counseling philosophy is student centered.

“I seek to understand my students first so they can trust me and then understand what it is I want to teach them,” he says, “I like to use concepts that include science and history as well.”

His philosophy on using science helps bring understanding to the table.

There is no typical day for a middle school counselor.

“I love middle school so much because I feel like I am able to help make changes that are more positive than when I was a high school counselor,” he says.

As a counselor, he teaches students how to effectively communicate with one another. He also plans field trips and school wide assemblies.

“I have a fantastic Principal, Kelli Jakubik, who allows me to try new things and take risks,” he says, “I learn more this way, by taking risks”

The teachers and the front office staff at CFIS help him develop programs and support groups.

“Since I have been at my school site, we have created more clubs during the day for boys and girls,” he says, “And they run school wide campaigns all year long.”

He says he praises the teachers and staff every chance he gets because without them, all the support services would not exist.

“I guess a typical day for me is to expect the unexpected,” he says.

His favorite inspirational quote?

“This is extremely difficult because there are so many to choose,” he says.

It’s a quote he has hanging in his office that was there before he started at CFIS.

“Jennifer Montgomery, who is now an AP at Roosevelt High School, had this quote in there and I moved it to where it can be better seen,” he says.

“Everything in life is temporary, so if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. If things are going bad, don’t worry, it can’t last forever either.”

“This is anonymous and it helps me every single day because our time here is limited,” he says.

Here are a few words of wisdom from Mr. Felipe:

“Something I tell my students constantly is to remember you have a purpose in this life. Somebody is always watching, always listening and always learning something from you. Make sure what you leave behind in this life has meaning. You may never know it but you are changing your world for better or worse with every thought. Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character and your character becomes your destiny. Keep positive thoughts, always.”

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