10-27-2017- Corona- Meet Philip Lang! He teaches 11th and 12th grade English at Centennial High School. He has been a teacher at Centennial for three years.

“Before that, I worked two years as a Student Teacher at Centennial,” he said.

Philip also worked as a long-term substitute teacher in the Norco area. In between that, he taught overseas for three years.

His favorite part about working at CNUSD is the collaboration.

“I love the way we all are interconnected and help each other out,” he said, “We use Twitter to share ideas.”

Philip hopes to be a model of a life-long learner. He always reflects on his mistakes to avoid them in the future and find better ways to present material to students.

“My classroom should be a model of meaningful writing and interaction reflective of the real world,” he said.

A typical day for Philip involves teaching class, taking part in fun lunch or after-school activities provided by the various clubs he is involved in, including Link Crew and Dawg Pound.

“I love interacting with all of the students on our campus and making them feel like we are all in this together,” said Philip.

Philip enjoys activities like the recently held S-Day at John F. Kennedy Middle College High School. During S-Day, teachers and staff came together and shared practical ideas that could be incorporated immediately.

“This is great for us as professionals and, most importantly, for our students,” he said.

Philips considers teaching to be the most rewarding job.

“Love your kids and teach what you love with passion,” he said, “Kids will love you back and some will learn to share your passion.”

His most memorable experiences during his time at CNUSD are graduations when seniors tell him about something he said to inspire them along the way.

“We often forget about past lessons and our message feels diluted amongst the 200 students we teach,” he said, “When they bring back a specific, small thing that stood out to them, it makes you realize how much each day and each lesson matters. You never know when you’re making an impact.”

His favorite hobby is traveling. After he completed student teaching, Philip went to Shanghai China and ended up teaching and traveling over the country before returning to CNUSD.

“On top of the invaluable experience of teaching English as a second language and learning another language, I met my wife and got married while I was there,” he said.

Her name is Beier Luo and she is now a bilingual aid at Eastvale Elementary.

His time abroad was the best experience of his life. During his time there, Philip had the opportunity to visit Korea, Saipan, The Great Wall of China, and cities all over China.

“I love using my off-time to explore new places I’ve never been,” he said.

Philip and Beier have two pets. A dog named Apollo and a cat named Didi.

His all-time favorite quote is by F. Scott Fitzgerald – The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want.

“We create our own happiness in this world,” said Philip, “There is no excuse for not exploring the world and making sure you are exactly where you want to be. There is another quote I like that ties into this same idea, it goes something like life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

He encourages individuals to be courageous and follow their dreams.

“If we model this for our students, they will follow us and it will be a better world,” said Philip.

A few words of encouragement from Philip:

“Don’t waste time being unhappy. We only get one chance at life, so make the most of it.”

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