10-6-2017 – Norco – Meet Richard Esquivel! He is the Head Custodian at Norco High School!

Richard grew up in the city of Corona.

“Corona is my hometown, my family has been here over 100 years, we’re a very large family,” he said.

He attended Jefferson Elementary, Raney Intermediate.

“Jefferson Elementary had a little over 10 classrooms when I attended and a big fun jungle gym that’s no longer there,” said Richard.

During his high school years, Richard attended Corona High and then transferred to Career Academy.

“Since I worked at an early age, I transferred to Career Academy, a program for students that had jobs,” he said.

Richard has been with the Corona-Norco Unified School District since 1998 when he started at Norco High.

“I left Norco High in 2003 to open up El Cerrito Middle School,” he said, I came back to Norco High in 2010 to receive the Head Custodian position. In May of 2018, I will have 20 years with the District.”

Richard says CNUSD is a big family.

“Over the years, I have built great relationships with so many CNUSD employees,” he said, “We are a great community of leaders with a big heart for our students.”

Everyday is different for Richard.

“As a Head Custodian, everyday is different,” he said, “At the high school level, it’s like operating a small town, water line breaks, power outages and at the same time a formal awards assembly will be taking place.”

He always remembers not to panic.

“I run things accordingly and smoothly, I work alongside administration to make sure our school is ready for student learning at all times,” he said.

Richard is always there for whatever is needed.

“Richard, better known as Chopper to his close co-workers and friends, is a true example of what we mean by We Are Norco,” said Briana Hurd, Norco High Assistant Principal, “He’s always ready and happy to help, and he bleeds blue as seen by his dedication to the staff, students, and the community. He is there with a smile because he knows it’s helping the school or someone in some way.”

One of his favorite memories is from the end of the 2016-2017 school year when seniors decided to bring their pets to school as a prank.

“Of course in Norco, a student brought his goat,” said Richard, “He couldn’t get the goat back in his truck so I had to drive the goat home in the John Deer Gator, a normal site in Norco.”

The end of a school day always marks a successful work day for Richard.

“When I hear the school bell ring at the end of the day, I always say another successful day,” he said, “From all the work done daily to keep our school safe, clean, and beautiful for our students. I need to be on top of this facility at all times.”

On his spare time, Richard loves to sing.

“Most of the time, it’s classical Mariachi Ranchera music,” he said, “Give me the microphone and I will take the stage.”

Richard has five nephews who are his pride and joy. They always keep him busy.

He also has two pet Yorkies, Emilio and Jersey.

“They’re the bosses and run the house,” he said.

Richard reminds everyone to always do all the good you can. His heart is set on always giving back to the community. He is on the Board for Jojos Circle of Friends, a non-profit organization helping special needs children. Richard also goes on Missionary trips to provide for the poorest children in the fields of Mexico.

“That makes me appreciate everything in life,” he said.

A few words of encouragement from Richard:

“Do all the good you can; By all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can. Smile. Be the light of the world. Spread joy. Say hello when you pass by people. Always give love.”

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