9-29-2017 – Norco – Meet Russell Marsh! He is the principal at Victress Bower!

Russell is from Fountain Valley, California. He is celebrating his second year as the principal at Victress Bower and recently celebrated his 17th year working for CNUSD. He has been with CNUSD since 2000.

He says his favorite part about being a principal at CNUSD is the family feeling.

“I enjoy the small town feeling like I had at my last school district which only had 5,000 students compared to our 50,000,” he said.

A typical day for Russ is setting up the Beagle Bowl (their Multi-Purpose Room) at 7 a.m. with music and a short warm-up video. When school busses start arriving, Russell greets his students with a warm smile.

“I try to greet all my students while they come off the buses,” he said. The rest of his workday consists of different meetings or events – like Awards Day.

Despite the many meetings throughout the day, Russell enjoys dedicating his time to his students whether it means fixing equipment students need or simply making them smile. Russell makes it a point to make sure students and staff at Victress Bower feel welcomed.

“The positive impact a principal can have on staff and students is powerful,” he said.

His favorite quote is green and growing or brown and dying.

“This is the Growth Mindset,” he said, “I can always become better and I can always learn.”

Russell says his personal experiences growing up groomed him to become the principal at Victress Bower.

“I was told I couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that, but each and every time my parents told me I couldn’t climb that rock pathway because you will get hurt,” he said, “I would.”

Russell and his wife, Jandie, have three children – Cody, Kaylie, and Makenna. His two oldest kids are married and his youngest daughter is a senior in college.

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  • Russ is amazing! Where ever he goes he makes his school feel like family! Victress Bower is my favorite place to travel to because of that reason! He makes it welcoming to all students, parents and staff! I love watching him interact with others, especially the kids. He truly loves them! It is truly my pleasure to work with him! We are lucky to have him in the CNUSD family!