2-8-2018 – Norco – Congratulations to all our wonderful students who were recognized at the February 2018 Board of Education Student Recognition.

The award recognizes students who have shown a high degree of achievement in academic work or a high degree of improvement in academic work, and/or students who maintain a high degree of positive behavior, and/or students who have altered a negative attitude about school.

Chavez Academy
Abigail Calima, 5th grade
Jordan Ellington, 5th grade

Corona Ranch Elementary
Allison Garcia, 4th grade
Madison Nguyen, 4th grade

Foothill Elementary
Kallianne Ap, 6th grade
Ronald Kim, 6th grade

Franklin Elementary
Jayden Foster, 6th grade
Trista Rowan, 6th grade

Garretson Elementary
Diana Amaya, 4th grade
Jacqueline Calderon Sanchez, 6th grade

Highland Elementary
Blake Elliott, 2nd grade
Katelyn Tolsma, 2nd grade

Home Gardens Academy
Melisa Oxlaj, 4th grade
Nikko Schiavone, 4th grade

Norco Elementary
Hayden Byrd, 4th grade
Jaime Jimenez, 5th grade

Parkridge Elementary
Bianca Barberena, 1st grade
Sienna Segreto, 4th grade
Isaiah Mejia, 6th grade

Prado View Elementary
Rebekah Harr, 6th grade
Talia Lynch, 6th grade

Riverview Elementary
Allison Russell, 6th grade
Rhi-Lee Shubin, 6th grade

Sierra Vista Elementary
Natalia Galvan, 5th grade
Bryton Ricci, 5th grade

VanderMolen Elementary
Oluwademilade Sobiye, 4th grade
Zoey Stewart, 6th grade

Victress Bower
Ethan McNerney, Pre-K
Damian De La Cruz, K

Washington Elementary
Benjamin Nutter, 2nd grade
Rafiullah Rawani, 3rd grade

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