1-24-2018 – Norco – Congratulations to all our wonderful students who were recognized at the January 2018 Board of Education Student Recognition.

The award recognizes students who have shown a high degree of achievement in academic work or a high degree of improvement in academic work, and/or students who maintain a high degree of positive behavior, students who have altered a negative attitude about school and/or improved attendance.

Student Recognition

Auburndale Intermediate:
Samantha Clays, 7th grade
Aisha Randhawa, 7th grade
Ashton Howard, 8th grade
Shirzad Rawani, 8th grade

Corona Fundamental Intermediate:
Ivan Lopez, 7th grade
Khushi Patel, 8th grade
Merilla Mansour, 8th grade
Vicky Xio, 8th grade

El Cerrito Middle School:
Chelsie Juarez, 7th grade
Cali Raygoza, 7th grade
Shelby Irwin, 8th grade
Klarissa Palacios, 8th grade

Centennial High School:
Elijah Stacy, 10th grade
Amber Afzali, 11th grade
Jocelyne Barrientos, 12th grade
Andrew Casilang, 12th grade

Norco High School:
Adan Torres, 9th grade
Ariel Urban, 10th grade
Adriana Delgado, 11th grade
Logan Ibbetson, 12th grade

Orange Grove High School:
Tristan Madewell, 11th grade
Randall Milligan, 11th grade
Anthony Braswell-Cunningham Jr., 12th grade
Jenny Ramirez, 12th grade

Roosevelt High School:
Izabella Garcia, 9th grade
Bradley Grace, 10th grade
Rebecca Bisaha, 12th grade
Alondra Cadena-Inda, 12th grade

Santiago High School:
Marissa Huete, 9th grade
Kylee Duarte, 10th grade
Dominic Delgado, 11th grade
Gustavo Reyes, 12th grade

Improved Attendance Student Recognition

Oswaldo Antunez, Cesar Chavez Academy
William Castillo, Home Gardens Academy
Damarion Littleton, Todd Academy
Jordan Jones, Auburndale Intermediate
Rebecca Alexis Taura, Citrus Hills Intermediate
Alex Ontiveros, Corona Fundamental Intermediate
Mikaela Diroma, El Cerrito Middle
Samantha Imbriani, Norco Intermediate
Tyler Allen, Augustine Ramirez Intermediate
Kevin Medina Deniz, Raney Intermediate
Martin Lepe, River Heights Intermediate
Robert Fisher, Corona High
Mauricio Luis, John F. Kennedy Middle College High School
Jenny Mendoza, Norco High
Geovanny Uriostegui, Orange Grove High
Jonathan Cortez Maciel, Lee V. Pollard High
Russell James Hoss, Roosevelt High
David Venegas, Santiago High

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