11-15-2017 – Norco – Congratulations to all our wonderful students and staff who were recognized at the November 2017 Board of Education Student Recognition.

The award recognizes students who have shown a high degree of achievement in academic work or a high degree of improvement in academic work, and/or students who maintain a high degree of positive behavior, and/or students who have altered a negative attitude about school.

Advanced Degrees

Pablo Sanchez, Director, Instructional Support
Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership, Concordia University 

Rebecca Deragisch, Teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt High
Master of Arts Degree in Education, Brandman University

Kimberlee Lune, Teacher at Foothill Elementary
Master of Arts Degree in Education, California State University, San Bernardino 

Anthony Maldonado, Psychologist, Instructional Support
Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership, Azusa Pacific University 

Taylor Slavin, Paraeducator at Highland Elementary
Master of Arts Degree in Counseling, La Sierra University 

November 2017 Student Recognition

Auburndale Intermediate:
Leah Pasache, 8th grade
Adam Rodriguez, 7th grade
Ryan Keane, 8th grade
Karlee Henderson, 7th grade

Cesar Chavez Academy:
Vincent Hernandez, 7th grade
Maria Leon, 7th grade
Sebastian Hernandez, 8th grade
Kathryn Kiefer, 8th grade

Citrus Hills Intermediate:
Britney Busnardo, 7th grade
Noor Rauf, 7th grade
Natalie Ambler, 7th grade
Emily Sell, 8th grade

El Cerrito Middle School:
Sydney Dang, 7th grade
Alyssia Lara, 7th grade
Gracie Kelly, 6th grade
Manuel Benavidez, 8th grade

Norco Intermediate:
Jordan Rosauer, 8th grade
Daniel Bomar, 8th grade
John Muro, 8th grade
Marchima Pradumdusdepron, 8th grade

Ramirez Intermediate:
Jaxon Emfinger, 7th grade
Joie Yow, 8th grade
Kristine Caneda, 8th grade
Landen Beckner, 8th grade

Corona High School:
Omar A. Alnuaimi, 12th grade
Carlos Ernesto Rodriguez, 11th grade
Litzy Magana, 11th grade
Ilsa Contreras, 12th grade

John F. Kennedy Middle College:
Alexis Adams-Lucas, 12th grade
Zachary Hutchings, 12th grade
Rushil Rawal, 12th grade
Anwar Kalid, 12th grade

Lee V. Pollard High:
Andres Marin Arista, 12th grade
Jaelah Darby, 12th grade
Litzy Lozano, 12th grade
Jonathan Becerra, 12th grade

Victress Bower:
David Ramirez, TR
Hector Alvarez, TR


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