Corona’s Letha Raney Intermediate School was honored as the 2011-12 outstanding middle school by the MESA Schools program at UC Riverside.

“Through the dedication of the students and parents, and the hard work of their MESA teacher Cathy Lagoe, Raney distinguished itself among our middle school cohorts,” said MESA Schools Program Director Carlos Gonzalez.

MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) is an academic outreach program based at UCR’s Bourns College of Engineering that prepares students for STEM-based education and careers. The program works with middle and high school students throughout both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, providing project-based engineering curriculum, academic advising services and dynamic programming to expose students to the applications of mathematics and engineering.

For the past three years, MESA has been recognizing one participating high school and middle school for outstanding performance.

“Considering the number and caliber of teachers and students our program attracts, winning this award is an achievement,” said Gonzalez.

To learn more about UCR’s MESA program, please visit For more information about the Corona-Norco Unified School District and Letha Raney Intermediate, please visit

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  • Next time use a real picture of the teacher and students instead of a generic substitute – MESA does not assign chemistry as one of their hands on activities.

    • Thanks, Peter. We will definitely do our best to capture all of the District activities live, but in this case, I was not able to go out and take photos during the program. We appreciate the feedback and thank you for checking out our news site!

      • I am a husband and feahtr of 3. My wife and I are extremely thankful to the CNUSD and both the Ciseneros and Thompkins administrations for the job they all have done in contributing to the lives of our children. Our oldest son is 23 and graduated from Santiago with honors in 2005. He has since graduated from University California Riverside with a BA in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and has been accepted in to both University of Sidney and Melbourne in Australia MBA program.Our daughter and youngest son currently attend Santiago and both carrier 4.0 + GPA’s. Both score advanced on all Star exams. Our daughter recently took scored 2100 on her SAT test. They have all taken part in and contributed to the culture of Corona Santiago High and have benefited from the High School experienced. My wife and I would like to personally thank CSUND and both the Cisineros and Thompkins administration for a job well done!

  • I’m proud of our schools, as a real etaste agent I have seen buyers come from all over because of our schools, especially Wilson and Santiago. Some even go from private school in LA to our public schools and say they like ours better!