One of the hottest days of the year didn’t stop students and staff at Ronald Reagan Elementary School from holding a dedication ceremony to commemorate the school’s opening. The 50th school in the Corona Norco Unified School District welcomed special guests for the occasion, such as Michael Reagan, U.S. Congressman Ken Calvert, State Senator Richard D. Roth, Eastvale Mayor Ike Bootsma, and more.

The dedication featured remarks from the guests, as well as words from Superintendent Dr. Michael Lin and members of the district Board of Education.

ReagenDedication-21Principal Susan Helms shared with the crowd the meaning of Reagan “PRIDE”:

Positive – To demonstrate a positive attitude in all situations in life

Resilience – To demonstrate resilience when faced with challenges

Integrity – The importance of commitment and doing the right thing

Determined – To stay determined to overcome obstacles both big and small

Encouraging – To be encouraging of others through actions and words.

Anthony Pennay, member of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, chimed in with a few words about the importance of schools. “Schools are much more than a building,” he said. “Students bring life into this building, you bring your energy….you have your teachers there to guide you, to teach you ethics and character, and you have these amazing organizations like the PTA, the school board, these are all the things that make a school. Reagan said education is the key that will open the door.”

Eastvale Mayor Bootsma noted the community spirit the school also represents. “Ronald Reagan Elementary reflects a community partnership,” Bootsma said to the crowd. “It is a partnership of parents, teachers, community members, administrators, and local government. This partnership demonstrates a community that cares and is willing to take action. Together, ordinary people have accomplished something that’s extraordinary. This school is symbolic of a community that cares about and is dedicated to the academic excellence of our youth.”


Teachers helped cool the students off by spraying them with watery mist. Kindergartners cheerfully chanted the Reagan Rally to much applause. The ceremony was topped off by a rope cutting done by Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan.


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  • So glad Reagan is open! I see by the photos that you took some of our wonderful staff and students here at Harada! Harada misses Mr. Cordura and Mr. Monroe like crazy but we are happy to share.
    So happy to see these photos!!