09-28-2018 – Corona – Corona High serves as the focal point of the “Circle Initiative” – a plan that aims to give students living around the Grand Street circle the best opportunities possible. The idea is to retain students, improve and sustain a high graduation rate, and to provide programs for students and the communities to maximize success.

This drew a visit from Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Young to Corona High. Young met with CNUSD Superintendent Dr. Michael Lin and Corona High Principal Dr. Antonio Gonzalez at Corona High to see a component of the Circle Initiative in action.

It takes the entire support of the administrators and staff to create an excellent academic environment at Corona High. The CTE pathways launched at nearby Intermediate schools Auburndale and Raney to give students a head start. By the time they reach Corona High school, incoming freshman immerse themselves into the school’s many CTE programs and STEM Academy. The recently opened Parent Center, which sits inside the circle, gives parents resources and aide so parents can be more involved with the success of their child.

Kenneth Young toured Project Lead the Way classrooms (such as the biomedical and engineering classes) and saw how involved students are in their education. “Corona has an incredible reputation because you see the end results in the students and you feel this unity across the district,” he said.

Young also spoke to a group of students inside the Corona High Auditorium. He told them their struggles and hardships are nothing to be ashamed of; these obstacles give students strength, experience and wisdom that will give them resilience. “The staff cares about you,” he said. “They are dedicating a large portion of their life to make sure you have the best future. We have great hopes and aspirations for you.” When there aren’t aspirations for kids at home or expectations at school, it becomes much more challenging for students. Corona High’s commitment to creating a culture of aspiration with high academic expectations is made possible with the support from staff to make it a reality.

“We have a great school right here and we need to make sure we take advantage of that,” said Dr. Lin.

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