Roosevelt High School Senior, Justin Blue, was named the 2016-17 Champion at the STEM Robotics National Competition held August 23-26 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Justin built and programmed a Sumo Bot using basic stamp 2 coding, which he modified for competition. The finalist were judged in 5 categories: (1) Interview-by a panel of engineer judges who questioned him on his knowledge of robotics, his design, operation and programming, (2) his Engineering notebook- which chronicled his design iterations, programming, and troubleshooting mechanics, (3) demonstration of his Sumo Bot in competition – where he had to push his challenger from the competition ring. He won 2 of 3 battles. (4) Oratorical Presentation – in front of the entire audience of attendees, explaining (in more simplistic terms) his design and programming successes and failures and (5) his physical, emotional and sartorial style.

This is not the first time Justin takes top honors at this prestigious competition. In 2015, he finished in 4th place for building and programming a PIX-AXE photo-transistor car robot and designing the intricate track on which it ran.

Justin is California’s S.T.E.M. Robotics champion having competed and won at both the local and regional and national levels of competition. He has been offered internships in a number of states, and universities/government agencies throughout the nation are recruiting him.


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