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The district recently launched CNUSD Connections, a news website for district staff, students, parents and the entire Corona-Norco-Eastvale community.

If you know of any events, awards, programs or other compelling stories involving the CNUSD community, please send the following items to district public relations specialist Evita Tapia-Gonzalez at You can also use the form below.

If you are sending information about an event and you would like to invite the public to attend, please submit your request at least four weeks prior to event date.

WHO: Who is involved in the event, award, achievement or program? This will include any hosts, invitees, guests of honor, sponsors, etc.

WHAT: What are the details of this event/story? Is any RSVP or sign-up required?

WHEN: What is the date and timeframe of this news? If it is an event, please provide start and end time.

WHERE: Is this news specific to one school? If you are sending information about an event, please provide the venue name and address.

WHY: For what reason is this news/event occurring?

CONTACT INFO: Who should I contact for more information about this news? Also, please list any contact information you would like available to the public (website URL, RSVP e-mail or phone number, etc.).

PHOTOS: Please send photos that could accompany your story. The new CNUSD Connections news site is very visual, so the higher-resolution images, the better.

Thank you so much for helping to communicate our district news to colleagues and the community!

Please note a story idea submission does not guarantee posting on or Final content decisions will be made by the Executive Services department.

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