2-6-2018 – Norco – Meet Lacy Carson! She is a School Counselor at John F. Kennedy Middle College High School (JFKMCHS)!

Lacy grew up in Corona. She attended Stallings Elementary, Auburndale Intermediate, and Centennial High School.

“I’m a huge fan of Centennial football as I was on the Song Leading team all four years of high school,” she said, “I still can be heard saying the phrase Husky born, Husky bred!

Lacy attended California State University, San Bernardino for her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Human Development. She attended National University and earned a Master’s of Science in Educational Counseling and PPS credential.

She has been a School Counselor for 13 years. Formerly working for Palm Springs Unified School District – 8 years at Cathedral City High School and 3 years at Rancho Mirage High School.

“I am in my second year working for CNUSD and I’m living the dream,” she said.

Lacy had always dreamed of working at CNUSD.

“I truly feel CNUSD is the top District in California. I have longed to work for this District and to be able to raise my boys here,” she said, “It was a dream come true when I got the call that I was hired at JFK Middle College. What I didn’t know at the time was how working here is the best-kept secret in school counseling. I am a lucky woman!”

Lacy wears many hats as a School Counselor.

“Being a counselor requires you to be a Jack of all trades,” she said, “You really don’t know what is going to happen on a daily basis and you have to be willing to go with the flow and switch tasks on a moment’s notice. It also has kept me humble and in awe of the sheer resiliency of our students.”

When Lacy first began her career as a counselor, she was shy and reserved.

“I believe it is our job to be the voice of our students, parents, teachers,” she said, “When I first started as a counselor, I was a bit shy and reserved. I have learned over the years to be assertive and confident for others. All parties involved deserve to have an advocate and someone in their corner.”

Her most memorable experience during her time at JFK has been participating in a skit during Synergy Day hosted by the JFK Unity Club.

“I was so nervous to do the skit but when I walked out there were so many students yelling and clapping for me,” said Lacy, “We have the nicest students around!”

There is no typical day as a school counselor.

“Some days I’ll be counseling a student through the worst day of their life and the next day I’m celebrating a student’s acceptance into their University of choice,” she said, “Every day is a new adventure and I have to be ready to take whatever comes my way.”

Lacy has two sons, Dean (5) and Alec (3). She has been married to her husband, Rob, for 8 years.

“Now that I have young children, all my hobbies involve watching them grow and experience new things,” she said.

The family pet is a cat named Angel.

Her favorite quote is by Nicholas Ferroni – Educators are the only people who lose sleep over other people’s children.

“This couldn’t be truer,” said Lacy, “I have lost many nights of sleep over the years but I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

A few words of encouragement from Lacy:

“I always try to remind myself that whatever a student is going through is very real to them. Never undermine their stressors and experiences. The best advice I can give is to put yourself in your student’s shoes and walk with them.”

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